Shanta Lana’s

With an impressive career spanning more than 25 years, Shanta Lana Hereford has garnered extensive expertise in entrepreneurship and entertainment. Her journey has been a testament to her trailblazing spirit, as she has successfully founded and nurtured eight thriving ventures, making her a true luminary in her respective fields. Notably, she holds the esteemed position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at The HYPE Magazine. Director of Finance and Investment for the Continental-wide Agro-Industrial Park Development Consortium (AIPs), and proudly serves as the Co-Founder of Maverick Global Distribution, Ateker Kingdom Gold, Ateker Tours, Golden Girls Emporium, Cyber Future Academy (CFA), and KlickTV.

In addition to her outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishments, Shanta Lana Hereford’s influence extends far and wide. She proudly serves as the Royal Ambassador-At-Large for The Ateker Kingdom Alliance, where she represents the interests of over 750 African Kingdoms and Chiefdoms. Furthermore, she holds the crucial role of Director of Branding and Partnerships for the Afro International Film Market and Festival (AIFMF), demonstrating her unwavering commitment to global progress.

Adding to her impressive portfolio, Shanta Lana Hereford is also an author and content creator, having penned several insightful eBooks and co-created innovative initiatives. Her literary contributions include the highly anticipated “The Power of 33,” an inspirational work that will have a transformative impact. She is also the co-creator of “The Power of Crowdfunding,” a groundbreaking brand dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with invaluable crowdfunding education. Her visionary approach and creative endeavors continue to shape the landscape of entrepreneurship and inspire countless individuals worldwide.